septiembre 10, 2009


I'm lost at sea, but I see a train running fast across the shores that shine beyond the waves, its vapour arising from the engine, telling me there's a way out of this. I'm lost at sea, but I see a glowing sun rising upwards the blue ocean sky, its warm rays keeping me alive and conscious. I'm drowning in the sea, but I can still hear distant, remarkably beautiful, rhythmic sounds that pour life back into my soul. Now I have a nosebleed, and as I realise I can't breath, I watch the surrounding greenish-blue waters dye red. Yes, I'm dying at your sea. But there's always hope... And this is how you make me feel. There is hope to die lying on a green grass field, at the base of a mountain, so quietly... being able to look backwards and, whilst smiling, say "hey, what a life. I'm so happy now"

Takk fyrir, Sigur Rós.

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